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I’ve recently decided to freeze myself to -273℃. My friends think I’ll die, but I’ll be 0K.

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"I am a very private person, yet I am an open book. If you don’t ask… I won’t tell."

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It’s not even from a show or book it’s a family member that did this
So I’m 2x as upset that they really did that

Make me choose | Sarah or Alison

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City Dusk

Midtown, Manhattan

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*cracks my knuckles* time to complain

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"After wrapping Guardians of the Galaxy I was very homesick and I was coming home to my wife and my son, who at the time was 13 months old. My wife told me ‘Hey, listen there’s a chance he may not recognize you and he may be a little shy’ and so I came in there, and he just sat right up and had this big smile on his face. He started saying ‘Daddy, daddy, daddy!’ and I just started to cry. He saw the tears in my eyes and started doing bits to make me laugh and that just made me cry more."

- Chris Pratt on the best day of his life.

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"Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die."

Herbert Hoover (via feellng)
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What t the f U c k
you’re gonna cheat on some soldier overseas
W ha t the f u c k
Like if you’re not happy tell them but don’t do it while they’re across the fucking planet

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I’m sensing a theme here.

Yeah, one word titles, AND ITS THROWING ME OFF

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Hayley Atwell laying waste to the Agent Carter set: A Timeline

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